PR Friendly

Theyinspireme Is a PR Friendly Blog:
This is a blog with very positive feedback. All Reviews done are honest opinions,
Doing Product reviews is something My family & I enjoy doing.
Here you can find everything from home goods,children,parents,health,Pet and Education related.
If you would like to have your products Featured on my site please contact me below

(Review Policy)
All the Reviews done on this blog will be done in a exchange for a (Free Product) unless otherwise stated. I will not pay for the product or pay shipping for the product unless stated other wise. Once I receive the product I will let the company know I got the package. I will then proceed to make a blog post about the product. Everyone listed in the blog post will be my honest opinion. Unless again stated other wise. It will take up to 6 weeks to review some products, Depending on what the product is.
If you have any questions please contact me.

(Giveaway Policy)
If a company sponsors a giveaway, Either They Or I will ship the product directly to the winner. The prize will be shipped within 2 days if shipped by myself. Giveaways Last for about 1-3 weeks depending on the product.All winners are chosen at random, I will promote products through,Blog spot,Twitter,face book,YouTube,widgets,programs,and giveaway sites.
After the Giveaway is posted I will then send it to the sponsor so they can promote it however they please.

(Advertising Policy)
There are usually spots always open for Advertising. However prices do vary depending on the button or widget of the companies choosing. If your company would like to be promoted using advertising please email me directly