Monday, August 11, 2014

5 Tips on Potty Training!


Hello, So you think you little one is ready to be potty trained.
I am here to help! After potty training a girl and boy I found it quite easy once I got through the first child. Naomi was just 18 months when she first started showing signs that she was ready. Joel on the other hand waited until he was 2.5 years old, Everything listed below is my personal way of doing this. Other people may have other opinion's and mind you this is only 5 tips!!

1.) Does your little one bring you a diaper when their done doing their business in their diaper?? This is the first sign my children showed me!! If your child is bringing you their diaper they are ready!!!


2.)Training pants!!! No I don’t mean pull ups don’t waste your money or your time if your ready for the transition go for it!!!! Training pants are just like underwear but have a padded part in middle to help with accidents. When your child feels the leak this will help them realize its time!untitled (2)

3.) Take a timer and set it on 10 min. Every 10 minutes take your child to the bathroom they will get the hang of it and end up telling you to turn the light on for them!!untitled (3)

4.)This may sound crazy but it worked!!! Take some baby wash or ever baby powder sprinkle some in the toilet and tell them to pee or poo on the snow or bubbles!!! My kids were really into it!!!untitled (4)

5.) Last but not least! Throw all the diapers out and be strict on yourself! don’t give up! If there is no diapers around then you don’t need them!!! You can do this. By throwing the diapers out they wont see them so they wont want them!images2VGMSXZK

If you would like more tips on this or anything else, Comment below!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Run Down On My Wedding!

My Marriage!!!!
March 16th 2014


While the kids are playing with their Nabi Jr's . I thought Hey how about write , about a little something So, Were going to go back to my wedding day. The whole run down. So around the end of February beginning of march is really when we started planning this day. We had just recently joined a fabulous church in late 2013, With that being said Alex and I are 2 peas in a pod but in that pod there is a crack. He is more of a private person, As im so social! I will talk to anyone <<sometimes. I have my moments. However so at first we was going to go to the court house and just have a fast little marriage ceremony and come home. Then I told a friend at church and she said why not just have it here at the church. Well you know how "family churches" are they spread the good news. So our pastor approached us, In which he is such a amazing pastor. Asked if we would like him to marry us. We said yes! that would be awesome because in the back of my mind I wanted a church wedding but I didn't want to make Alex feel uncomfortable. then there was not going to be no flower girl no brides maids not grooms men no ringberare. And we was fine with that, After all it is just the love between you and your groom becoming one with Christ!!!!!! But that's not how it went down at all! Everyone was throwing ideas left and right. And I wanted my father to walk me down the isle. I called my family and at first didn't know If they could make it on such a short notice. So the wedding was supposed to be on March 15th a sat 2014 but when things started getting bigger we decided to invite the whole church to our wedding. Knowing them or not. Because we are all gods people.

 I went and got a casual dress and shoes. Our pastors wife lensed Naomi a flower girl dress and accessories. Alex got her suit and Joel was prepped to go.... Then added my brides maids and my maid of honor. They were so beautiful. Alex added a best man which was his father because that's his man best friend. With the day coming up having to be changed to March 16th 2014 right after the sermon of church I was a nervous wreck!!!! I had to get dressed and do my makeup. Alex had to do only a few things so he got our son dressed. Then I worked on getting Naomi dressed, And making sure  Kyesha's dress and hair piece was waiting on her. As arriving to the church I went upstairs to get my hair done by a very close church member, My palms got sweaty I had so many emotions running through my body, I love this man, He's my everything. He's a believer he would never do me wrong. Then the time struck to where I needed to be at the church doors. I heard the music as trying to gather all these small children to stay in order>>which didn't work. But I was so ready to get up that isle. This was the moment to where im going to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man. When the music started my brides maids went and the children ran down the isle. believe me I wanted to join but there was no way id make it, with those shoes on. I saw my man up there waiting on me and my heart could have just jumped out of my chest for the love I have to for me.

This man whos known me for 7 years this man whose always stuck by my side through everything. A man that I wouldn't be able to live without his love.< let me stop being so cheesy. So as im walking my son Joel 2 years old had to meet me and walk to me too. He had to give his momma away to his daddy. Like he knew his job. and my beautiful little girls the perfect start of a new beginning. As my father gave me over, I felt surrounded by love from this man and god. so hard to explain I felt wrapped in protection and warmth. Like it was just Alex and I there with god protecting us and mixing us into one. We exchanged rings then went to the fellow ship hall to have a little cake and goodies that a beautiful woman put together for us! it was absolutely amazing, Alex baby if your reading this. I love you with everything inside of me and id fight so hard for us!!!!! We will make it!!!

Your Wife Kimberly Robinson!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Alot in a little update!!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the New Kim!!!! This blog is now being taken over by reviews and random life situations. As my husband will be doing them as well! (oh yeah I got MARRIED) Im happy to be spending my life with such a special man!!! OH and the kids Naomi is 4 soon to be 5 and Joel of course is almost 3!!! They are handfuls and we love it!!<<sometimes... haha!  I cant wait to see how everyone else is doing! Feel Free to comment on what you would like to hear from us!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Im back!

A small update on how things are going! Naomi is about to be 4 and Joel is about to be 2. Time is flying. Joel is finally talking and growing into such a big boy and Naomi is steady learning new things. We are already preparing for the birthday party and  Christmas! Thank god for lay ways. With these kids birthdays so close to Christmas it really makes you go broke fast. Well I think its time to get some giveaways set up, which I'm in progress of doing what would you want to see given away?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Joel Is 11 Months!!!

Joel is almost 11 months old and has accomplished alot within the last couple of months, at 9.5 months old he started walking and now it has turned into pretty much running. He climbs on and off the couch by himself, Also clapping his hands has become a favorite. Naomi and him get along so well and play together so perfectly. Naomi try's to act like she is his boss most of the time and he is to the point where he gets away as fast as possible when she does that. Its really cute seeing it. Joel had got his first real haircut at the barber shop and he is a great job. I wanted to update everyone on him.