Work With Us

Work With Us

Theyinspireme is a blog dedicated to all things Family! We love all types of things, but the majority of our blog content focuses on kids and dogs. Occasionally, other types of things  make their way on the blog and we have a big heart for all of it!

Want to work with us? We have a highly qualified group of testers ready to try new products! Naomi The Princess,Joel The Prince, Zelda the Doberman, Delta the Mastiff love trying new products to share with our readers. You can see examples of previous product reviews on our main webpage.

Services Offered

We offer a variety of services to meet your needs and budget.

Sidebar Advertising
Sponsored Posts and Post Series
Product Reviews
Social Media Promotion and/or Giveaways
Brand Ambassadorship
Event Promotion
Email us for pricing!

Don't have a budget for paid promotions? We understand! We do charge a fee for these things, however. Each day, we receive an email inbox full of promotional requests and it would be impossible to feature them all! In a nutshell, our fee is in place for these services to cover the cost of our time spent writing, photographing, and promoting your service to our audience. 

The fee that we charge does not sway our views on a particular product or service. You are not paying for a positive review. However, we only review products and promote things that we believe we can leave positive feedback on. 

If you don't have a budget and cannot pay for our services, you are always welcome to send us something but we can't promise anything. If we like your product, there is a chance we'll share it on our blog or social media networks. No promises, however! 

Our Audience
Who is our audience? A strong community of people who want to enrich the lives of their families  with helpful, healthy, and time-saving products and services. Our audience consists of mostly young women with families.

Where does our audience live? Mostly in the USA, but we have readers from all over the world. 

United States - 77%
United Kingdom - 7%
Canada - 5.5%
Australia - 2.3%
Everywhere else - 8.2%

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