Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ElJay Plushies Review?

So, Im back. This is going to be my first Written Review. Recently We recieved a package from an etsy seller Eljay Plushie. She was nice enough to let Naomi Try one of her Plushie Animals. These animals are such a great quality product! As you see by the picture Naomi loves her new Leopard "Cuppy Cake". Cuppy Cake,Has been introduced to all 3 of Naomi's babies.2 Teddy Bears. And she made him lunch. Not to mention it had to go shopping with us at wal-mart. And slept in Our bed. These Plushie Animals are made with lots of love. They are put together where I dont see any ware or tare coming any time soon!!!! The materials are also great Quality, If your one of my Subsribers there will be a video up soon on This review and a giveaway where you will win your own Plushie!!!

Thanks for checking this out!

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