Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Daze Log Book Review (Giveaway Closed)

Baby Daze, Recently sent me this wonderful log book to try out. This log book is perfect for new parents. And in my case. It will help with getting my kids and soon to be newborn on schedule. I have found this product to be very easy to use. This product has different sections for different uses for your convenience of use.I love that it helps me be organized and all I have to do is look back to see what need to be done next.

This product is also very great quality, With its 3ring binder like book. It holds all your information safely Is has
Feeding and Diapering: Which is great for more than one child keeping up with checking their buns

Sleeping: Awesome with showing how long they've been asleep or awake

Pumping: Wonderful for breast feeding and reminding you last pumped

Milestones:Memories are a good thing to have and easy to forget when they grow so jot it down.

Gifts: You get tons for baby shower gifts don't forget to write down who gave them to you.

Food Diary: When did your last one eat?? Might be time again?

Medical: Appointments are easy to forget.

Contact Information: All that information you don't have room in your brain to store.

Sitter Slips: Want your baby sitter to know everything leave them a slip.

                                 The award-winning 3rd edition, This log also is award winning!!!

Please take the time to check them out, These logs
are 19.95 Plus shipping is not included.
If your interested in the giveaway watch the video below for more details

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