Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flip Flop Wines Review (21years+)

Flip Flop Wines  was kind enough to send two bottles of wine my way to try. With being pregnant it is okay to have a glass of wine during your pregnancy, However I did not have a full glass. I Tasted the wine then it got taken over by household members. The 2 bottles of wine of I was sent over was Riesling & Pinot Noir
The shipping was very fast. Also be sure to have your I.D ready as Fed ex will card you. The box was very secure which was Awesome.

RIESLING Seemed to be the house hold favorite.This is Light Wine.This wine tasted very sweet, Although with a medium-bodie,Also known as bitter then went back to sweet. It went down very smoothly. This wine is full of Tropical notes and sweet aromas. Its a great dinner wine as well. Maybe a nice Tofu Stir-fry. Or a regular nice dinner at home.
Also this wine is great served Chilled
This wine is also 12% Alcohol so drink responsibly.
The retail price is 7.00USD
The Release date was April 2011
And it is only Available Nationally.
The Appellation is:American

 PINOT NOIR was not so much the house hold favorite but was not left out. This wine is a dark wine. And it Very Dry and went down Dry. There was a after taste bitterness, May want to be chased with something sweet, Or a great dinner.Its full of Cola Aromas and hints of Vanilla.This wine would be good served room temperature. Store away from sunlight.
This wine is Also Medium-Bodie,Bitter and Structured Pinot Noir with bright cherry,Sweet spice and supple,Velvety finish. A great party wine.
This wine is 13.5% Alcohol Drink responsibly
Retails 7.00USD
Harvest date September 2010
Release date April 2011
Appellation California
Availability National

There are also many wines to choose from. Be sure to go to their site and check them out.

The great part of this company, Is Soles 4 Souls.. With more than 300 thousand children in the world without shoes, Flipflop Wines dedicate to the cause with the help of putting more than 100,000 pare of shoes on children's feet.If you would like to help these children please get more information on this site.

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