Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mixed Chicks Review

Hello There, So I have been hearing from all my friends and family to try this great hair products called 'Mixed Chicks', Only because My children have very frizzy and tangley hair. So I contacted this company. They were nice enough to send me samples tons of samples!!! Dont get it Twisted about the name of Mixed Chicks, This works on all curly hair types.
When I got these samples in the mail I was so excited to use them, That night I Naomi in the bath and Put The shampoo, Conditioner. Believe me A little goes along way!!! After getting her out I dabbed a small bit of Leave in Conditioner to her hair!! It worked wonders!! Although it does give a wet look, A tip for that would be to rub your fingers through the hair to give it a natural look.
This is Naomi Before Applying the leave in conditoner.
This is Naomi After. I did Apply this to her dry hair.

You can Also purchase these products in your local Target or Beauty Supply Store.
Also Please dont Hesitate to go to their website.

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