Monday, July 18, 2011

Sugar Tots, Food Container/Baby Wash Cloth Set Review (A+)

Sugar tots, Also sent me this Food Container & Baby wash cloth set to review. When I opened them and noticed how great of a product they really are it made me think, Your getting something great for your money, The food container has 3 tiers. Which allows you to put formula,cereal,snacks,etc. you also have a top the screws open to allow you to have a mess free area. Which is great for traveling. Each container can also be used separately.Price for the food container is $7.85USD.Plus there are 3 different colors to choose from.As for the Wash clothes. I thought it would be a small compacted. But no its a pretty good sized gift pack. It comes with 4 wash clothes and 4 separate toys. It could be used for you to keep the wash clothes and gift the toys. I highly recommend this company to everyone. I hope to do more reviews for this company. These wash clothes are only $10.00 cant beat that great price.

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