Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sugar Tots Giveaway (CLOSED)

Sugar Tots Is giving away wash cloth sets, If your intrested in winning. You must follow the rules!
There are 3 ways of winning.
Enter here
And on youtube
If your intrested in entering on youtube or the review
check the videos below!

If your intrested in entering here

You must follow this blog

Also follow them on Facebook

and thank them for the giveaway!

Comment below letting me know you did so with you FB name as well as your email!

Another way to enter the giveaway
Watch the video!

You can enter here too
This is another video for another channel!

The Video Review


  1. I also entered on youtube BUT i did all the requirements =) This is such a cute product!!
    This is mandashow20 by the way =)

  2. I follow the blog and commented on FB :) Mikey AKA Michaeline Ann Pashley

  3. I also watched the review video about the thermobaby container and the wAShcloths! I will def be checking out sugartots! Thanks!