Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby Hospital Bag List

So I decided to make a list to be prepared for the baby, As well as a video.
As most moms know its very hard keeping everything going in your mind about getting everything ready, That's why I made a list. So that when it comes time to buying these things.I will be prepared and not about to lose it. This list is in no particular order.

1. Snow suit 2. 2 half onesis
3.1 regular onesie
4. 2 blankets for baby
5. 1 diaper cloth
6. small pack of wipes7.breast pads just for the diaper bag.
8.Regular menstrual pads just for diaper bag
9. 3 cute baby boy hats.
10. Hand Mittens
11.pacifiers just in case
12.booties cute ones
13. Bringing home outfit
14.Car seat Cover
15.Hand sanitizer
16.His woombie
And of course the must haves

If you think im missing something please comment below.

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