Saturday, August 6, 2011

BubuBibi Bamboo Baby Cloth Diaper. A+

BubuBibi, Let me try out the wonderful Bamboo Cloth diaper. This diaper fit Naomi very well. I received it in the color nude. I really like the fact that it fits so perfect and for any size you can get the perfect fit. Also they are very easy to clean. This diaper is water proof and sticks to its word. It will not leak. Naomi was wearing a disposable diaper and leaked diarrhea everywhere, However after using this Bamboo Diaper, It never leaked again and don't even looked like there was a mess in it.Also It has a Insert that sucks all the moister in it!! I just love this diaper!
This diaper is only $8.25USD on
Be sure to get some!
This is the one I received Its very cute light pink.

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