Monday, August 1, 2011

GoGreen Pocket Diaper Review,

After having a baby, I never knew much about cloth diapering. and How important it was. However I still use disposable and cloth. GoGreen Pocket Diapers sent me a diaper to try out. This diaper is an awesome diaper. Its a one size fits all and has a insert. Also When using it, I found it was very easy to work with. Naomi 20 months old has always fought to put on diapers. But with this cloth diaper she loved to put it on. It was amazing seeing her not pulling a diaper off for once!! There is nothing bad about this diaper.This diaper also washes very well. And I have not had a problem with stains or anything! ThanksGoGreen Diapers for letting me review your diaper. Most diapers they sell retail for $9.99USD

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