Saturday, August 20, 2011

Newman's Own Organic Chocolate Bars & Mints Review

The Newman's Own Mints Are so good, They sent me 4 different kinds to try. My Partner recently quit smoking. And this worked perfectly to cure the urge or smoking. And of course its Natural.
The Ginger Mints:Are a Refreshing taste of ginger with a minty after taste.
The Peppermints are so good they taste sweeter than regular peppermints
The Wintergreen Mints taste just like the bubble gum
The Cinnamon is my favorite and has the perfect amount of cinnamon in it.

The Chocolate Is also so amazing,It just melts right in your mouth. I really like the way it is packaged.
They come in separate bars with 8 squares.

Dark Chocolate: Is very good and bold.

Super Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa -Very bold and yummy
Mocha Milk Chocolate - Has the perfect amount of mocha in it.
Milk Chocolate : My favorite I could eat this all day long

Espresso Dark Chocolate : So good can taste the espresso a lot.

Orange Dark Chocolate: The orange is a little different but actually good.
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