Friday, August 26, 2011

Newman's Own Organic Licorice and Dry fruit Review

Newman's Own Organic Licorice And Dry fruit These products were very good for a overview.

There are 4 different kinds of Licorice, The overall of liking these products are a A+ I fell in love with the taste and the texture.

Strawberry: I am allergic to strawberry, But these got eaten up by baby Naomi, She loved them so much. Every time she was good she said berry. It was so cute.
Pomegranate: I am not a big fan of pomegranate but these were pretty good. they tasted really sweet and just like the fruit
Tangerine: Was my favorite. I loved the taste of them.
Black Licorice:Taste 10xs better than the store bought brand overall a wonderful taste.

I also Received the Dried Fruit in Berry Blend and Apricots
Berry Blend: These was a great amount of berries dried. Almost looked like raisins. They are very easy to just pack up for a snack. I really enjoyed these
Apricots: These were Naomi's Favorites. They were also a great texture.
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