Monday, August 15, 2011

Noodle&Boo Natural Baby Skin Care Products Review,

Noodle&Boo Sent me over 3 small samples to try out, The reason to try these products is because my children have been suffering from Eczema, Naomi has real bad. So I decided to contact a couple places to try different things on their skin to see what really worked before buying it.Noodle&Boo Also make women products as well, However I have not tried those.These products seemed to work very well.

The body was, Came off with a very fresh scent and cleaned very well, Not leaving a squeaky clean but clean.

The Silky Soft Lotion worked wonders, It made Their skin super soft.

Last but not least! The Ultimate Ointment is my fave. It helped heal their skin with the dry spots.

If your interested please check out their site

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