Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh Plah Teething Bracelet Review & Coupon Code

Oh Plah is a Teething bracelet for children, That look stylish and great for moms that could be used anywhere. You can toss them around,Froze them,Flip them, And of course let your children play and chew on them. They are a great thing for moms. I love this product because with Naomi loving to put everything in her mouth, I just give her this and she loves it. Also with baby #3 on the way. It will be wonderful to let him play with as well
The reason it is called "OH PLAH" Because Oh plah means 'Here you go' in French.
•Constructed of medical grade thermoplastic- non-toxic, bacteria resistant, and free of lead, latex, PVC, BPA and phthalates.
This product is made in the USA.
Oh Plah Retails for $14.99 USD
Order at

The Coupon Code Is %15 off
Ends Sept 30th 2011

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