Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Safety Tat Review/Giveaway/Coupon code(CLOSED)

The perfect solution to parents worrying while out with their children, Safety Tat Is a children's safe tattoo, You never know when your child may wonder off. This is a Tattoo that has your phone number on it or any other information you put on it, Just in case your child gets lost. This is great for going to Malls,Amusement parks,museum's,parks,Etc. I think this is a great product for my children because the are always wanting to wonder off and I'm yelling for the constantly. With this safety tat. the person who finds them has my number to call. The set I received came in about 2 business days.I got the write on tattoos so, I could put information that I wanted to on there. There is very cute pictures as well that come on the tattoo so the children like putting them on. Like stickers. The great thing about these tattoos are you don't have to wet them to apply them. They come with alcohol wipes to clean the area before applying.Then just stick and peal, Safety tat Also has many different kinds of safety tats.Original tat,Write on tat,Smart phone tat And you can build a tat.
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  1. Likes and subscribed to you! :) Perfect for my toddler who doesnt like to stay still when we are in crowded areas like shopping or the amusement park!

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