Wednesday, August 17, 2011

US Moms Review/Giveaway (CLOSED)

US Moms is a online company that sells tons of TTC Test, Pregnancy test,Ovulation test,Fertility Test.
They sent me over a couple items to try. I have to say they have very good customer service. And their company is our of Canada. Although out of the states their shipping is very quick, When Taking the test. I know that I am pregnant. But that is a wonderful thing to test these products. I highly recommend this website.
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The First Item I tries was the Mid Stream test. This test was very easy to take. After Using it. Immediately showed up with 2 lines which was positive! Great results.
The Second test I took was the cassette test. Its very easy to use. With the little sucker dial. You suck up your pee out of a cup and apply 3-5 drops of pee on the circle it immediately showed up as well positive.
I also tried the Ovulation test green strip. It did not show any results as the test did not show full results. Which I'm sure if you contact the company they would send another over.

The Last test I tried was the pregnant test strips. They both showed up positive!!! Which was a amazing result
Interested In Winning
10 Ultra early pregnancy test strips and 3 FSH cassettes?

Follow these Rules:
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Must Like US Moms on facebook and thank them for theyinspiremes giveaway.
Comment below with your FB name and let me know you did everything with why you want to win!!
You can also enter on youtube once the video is up!


  1. Please enter me. I've done everything in the rules.

  2. Please enter me, I would like to win. I have done everything it says to do. My FB name is Cagney Goins-Breese

  3. I did all the requirements! My facebook name is Shannon Sasseville! I would like to win this because we are going to be TTC starting again in December! Because I am breast feeding it can be very tricky to tell when I am ovulating, and aunt flow has not been as regular as she normally would be!