Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winners to gift card.

First of All I want to start off with saying thanks to everyone who followed. Another thing is alot of people came and did not follow the blog. That does not count. Alot of people sent people and their friends did not say they sent them. That did not count. With everyone Promoting my blog and with their extra entries, It was 267 entries.  The first number landed one 14 who was Amber. the second number.Number 21, Maria Shaff. I am suprised the people with alot of entries didnt come up but its fair. Dont be sad. Amazon is going to sponsor 3 gift cards coming up. So there will be 3 winners. Just make sure you follow the rules if you really want to win!

I want to give speacil thanks to.
Naomi Forbes with 80 entries
Ruthie With 55 Entries
Shirley Mills With 35 entries
Mommy Blog with 25 entries

Thanks. The ladies have been contacted and im waiting for a response!

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