Saturday, September 17, 2011

Natural House Review/Giveaway(CLOSED)

Natural House is a Company that sells Cleaners that are Eco Friendly,Non Toxic and Bio-degradable. These products make your life way easier. I was sent 3 items to try, Shipping was amazing and so was the customer service.These products Naturally fight problems we have in our home! When Getting these products I couldn't wait to try them. you can purchase them here:
Trashy Is the first product I tried. This product is ment to minimize the smell of trash, This can be used on any trashcans inside or outside.Another great thing is you can also use this on diaper pails, My Opinon on the product is, It did do the job but I wish is had diffrent smells because I like a fresh smelling house after I clean.
Purchase it here:

Sinky is a cleaning product that is used to clean your garbage disposal. It Naturally Digest odors and leaves a fresh scent. I really liked this product because We have always had problems with our garbage disposal smelling. And I know im not about to stick my hands down in there and clean it out. This did its job and there is nothing bad to say about this product.
Purchase here:
Flushy is a cleaning product for your toilet. It removes stains,Hard water lines, Leaving a clean aqua blue water color. This product worked wonders with me. I hate cleaning the bath room. When I used this product and seen that it worked on the toilet and it stayed clean for about 2 weeks. I was amazed. This was my favorite product from the Natural house line.
Purchase here:

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This product was sent to me for review im not getting paid and its my honest opinion


  1. FB- livivuia
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    I love non-cancer causing products (environmental and health friendly products)

  2. Love your blog..Thank you so much for following me. x0x0

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    I'd love to win because I have a young daughter ans several pets that I do not want around toxic chemicals! I love finding safe/non-hazardous cleaning products that actually work!

    Thanks! =)

  4. FB name: Rachel Malone
    GFC name: ShaysMama23
    I would love to win because I can't seem to find all natural cleaning products I actually like :) so I would love to try these out! Great giveaway!

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    I love to win because I love to try nice new products!
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    I would love to win because I am always looking for new products to try at home that are safe and natural!

  7. I liked/thanked them on FB- Breanna Lynn DeSelm. I follow your blog, breanna deselm. I would love to win this because i too, hate to clean the toilet!!!!! I'd love to see it work wonders on ours!!! haha. I also always love trying out new products!!!! Its hard to branch out onc you start using something that actually works! Thank you!