Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Owl Eyes Collection Review

Owl Eyes Is a online etsy business, That sells high quality Jewelry. For a wonderful cost. This company came about when a lady(Charlene) started crafting in college. It pondered her mind how she could fit creating things into her career. She found herself without employment, She then found the time to start crafting again, After her aunt showing her how to make bracelets she was hooked.She has been crafting ever since then and now has a small collection, With Earrings,Bracelets and necklaces.
She was kind enough to send me over 2 pieces out her jewelry. I got a pair of earring and a bracelet. I loved the quality of both products and could tell there was alot of time put into them. Her customer service is wonderful as she will get back with you ASAP. Also shipping took just a few days and when it arrived it came in a very nice elegant gift box.
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This is part of the Owl Eyes Collection. This piece is called the Sideways Cross Bracelet. It is a beaded bracelet with a cross weaved in the center. I have always wanted a piece like this as it is in fashionable trends. This piece is very elegant and could be used as a everyday wearable piece of a formal wearable piece. The beads are very tightly put together so it will not come apart.
This piece retails for $9.50USD
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This Piece is also apart of the Owl Eyes Collection, These earrings are called the Long chain earrings(Silvery with  Pink Swarovski Crystals) I love the earrings and the shape, Although I found them a bit to long for my personality or fashion type. They are very nice and shiny then chain is a bit heavy because of the length. I would say double the chain up on the stud part and it could definitely be a fashionable piece, This piece retails for $10.00 USD
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These products were sent to me to review, Im not getting paid and its my honest opinion

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