Monday, September 12, 2011

R2Crafts Crayon Holder/Tissue Holder Review

R2Crafts Is a Etsy Shop Online, That specializes in hand made crayon holders. These crayon holders are sewed so each crayon is separate. It also come with a tie,So when your finished you can put it away in a compact way. The Communication between the company and I was very satisfying. And shipping was very quick. The crayons came in the holder. The complete set cost roughly around $8.00USD. This product is wonderful for school just starting and having children be organized. With taking a box to school full of crayons. This holder helps them keep them together. The holder is also a sturdy piece it is not going to fall apart. You can tell there was alot of work put into making these items. Also I received a Tissue holder. Which is another great thing to have for children or on the go. Mine is currently in my hospital bag, I plan on using it while staying in the hospital and then keeping it in the diaper bag. These Pieces are very cute. She has many different designs so make sure you go check her out.
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These products were sent to me to review, Its my honest opinion and I'm not getting paid.

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