Friday, September 2, 2011

Smart Klean Laundry Ball Review

Smart Klean is a Earth Friendly Laundry Ball, This 1 ball takes the place of Laundry detergent,And soap. It is Toxic Free,Its made of Earth Minerals. 1 ball last for 365 Wash's. The great things about this ball is, It naturally maintains the softness, elasticity and color of the fabrics. In comparison to any laundry detergent, your clothes and linens will last much longer. No more fading, static cling or stiff fabrics means no fabric softeners or dryer sheets are necessary. And its easy to use, Just throw it in your washer when your ready to wash. I really like this product because i can see the difference in the color of our clothes, The only thing is I wish they came in scents because I love smelling the freshness of my clothes when they are done. And also maybe a dryer ball would be cool. I really enjoyed using this product.
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This product was sent to me for review, Its my honest opinon and im not getting paid.

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  1. I saw an add for these recently in American Baby magazine! I was really interested in this! This would save a ton of money, is eco friendly, and safe for baby clothes!