Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Z. Daisy Review

Z.Daisy is a online company that sells all types of baby items.I got to try 2 items from their site. And I have to say I fell in love. I got to try the travel blankie as well as the blankie bungee,These items have very great quality. And I feel will last along time. May even be wonderful for hand me downs. Their products are Eco friendly and wonderful for parents who love the best for their children. They have very reasonable prices for the pieces you get.
Check them out here:
The Travel blankie, Is a perfect size for any child. Its great because its something they can get attached to and its not huge. Its medium size perfect size for toddlers. Also the fabric is very soft and just would make you want to become best friends with this blanket. I really enjoyed trying this. Naomi actually loves it as well. I know Carter will love this once he comes. I plan on taking this to the hospital with me for his first blankie! This blankie Retails for $24.00 USD
You can purchase it here:

The Blankie Bungee Is a amazing Idea for new parents, Trying to keep up with the hang of things. Or even parents with multiples. This is a great way to make sure the blankie does not fall on the ground. Its a snap that Hooke's onto the blankie and onto a stroller or clothing. To keep it from hitting the ground and always there to play with. I really enjoyed this product.
This product comes in a pack of 2 and retails for $18.00 USD
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These products were sent for review, I am not getting paid and this is my honest opinion

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