Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Joel Is Here!!!!

Hello Everyone, I have been MIA for a while and this is the reason. We welcomed our newest member to our family on November 17th 2011 He came out to be 7pounds and 11 ounces with a head full of hair along with being 20 inches long. Being just as perfect as any other child! He is the wonderful and truly blessed our family. Joel was born at gestation 40weeks and 6 days. The birth of him took place Early Thursday Morning at 1:00AM With contraction 2-3 minutes apart, After arriving at the hospital with my water completely broken and the bloody show, I was admitted and told I was going to be having a C-Section around 8am. Also when I got there I was 7cm Dilated. They gave me some pain medicine and then I felt so much better. Around the time of the upcoming birth of our son, THIS IS JUST A LITTLE TEASER! IF YOUR WANTING TO KNOW THE FULL BIRTH STORY IT WILL BE VIA YOUTUBE SOON! WHICH THE VIDEO WILL BE BELOW ONCE ADDED

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