Thursday, June 7, 2012

Little Love Buns Review

Little Love Buns is a online company that sells the basics for cloth diapering, At a very inexpensive price. I have to say this company impressed me so much. The customer service was amazing. They were very commutative and helped me with everything and also helped decide which products were best for me.The shipping only took a few days and everything came very well packaged.This company even supplied a freeze bag for the product that could have melted. That shows they really care about their customers. To Get onto the product Reviews. I had Received a few things. There will be pictures below of each product, Following the picture will be a short description of the product then with my honest opinion. Overall I give this company a (5out of 5 stars)

Little Love Bums Detergent Comes in many different scents to choose from, The samples I received were full to the max. I received unscented,sweet pea and strawberry watermelon. This detergent smelled amazing and worked better than some detergents I've ever tried. Its in a powder form and It recommend using 2-3 tablespoons each use. I got about 3 loads of of the sample packs. After washing my diapers, I had no problem with any break outs. And my children have very sensitive skin. Another thing is you get more than your moneys worth with this detergent
This product I would give a 5 out of 5
This product retails for $7.50 for 6 sample packs.

You can purchase the detergent here:

Wipe Bits are a small piece of soap that you can mix with water to make as a wipe solution for your cloth wipes. This product came with a freezer pack to keep it from melting.There are also many choices of scents to choose from.These wipes are made from Goats milk soap,Aloe,Vitamin E,Acetic Acid and you can add fragrance if you would like.I choose blueberry cobbler and I was amazed how it smelled exactly what it was supposed to smell like. Another great thing I loved about these wipe bits are the container it comes in. Its  a nice plastic container as the picture shows and its really cute. It was very easy working with these wipe bits. And after using it for a while now, Joel has not broke out as most products do break him out. I Give this product a 5 out of 5 as well.
You can buy 50 wipe bits for only $5.75 Amazing deal!
Purchase here:

Cloth wipes, There were a variety of wipes sent to me Which you can see in the picture below,The wipes that I got came in very cute prints. There was no shrinking in the dryer and they were very easy to wash. They are very soft and Joel dose not mind them being used on him. I have also used these for washcloths. They are very nice and they don't have anything fraying.You can get 10 cloth wipes for $7.00 Great buy!
Purchase here:

These products were sent to me for review, I am not being paid for this review and everything above is my honest opinion. However I did use pictures from the companies website but the last picture is my own.

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  1. Wow, this sure is affordable. Most cloth diaper safe soap is pricey! :D Thank you for the awesome review!