Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simply Cloth Review/Giveaway

When switching to full time cloth everything you want the best for your baby, Recently I was given the opportunity to work with a amazing etsy business called Simply Cloth,Not only dose this company have amazing cloth products but has great communication and really gives you comfort with shopping. This shop has cloth wipes,bibs,wash bags,breast pads and she also provides a snap converter service. She was kind enough to send me over some cloth wipes to give a try and review for you today. The wipes I received came very quickly in the mail with tulle wrapped around in a bow,Also it contained a little note telling me a little about the wipes. These wipes are amazing for someone making them. They have alot of effort and love stitched in each one. The prints I received are a jungle print and a dinosaur print. I have been using these wipes going on 2 weeks now and washed them religiously, I have had no shrinking and no fraying. They are a perfect size to fit any baby bum. I also really love how soft they are. They have kept every asset since I have got them even after all the washes. Cloth wipes are so much more convenient when trying to go the natural cloth way for your baby. When using disposable wipes your still piling up waste in the land field. With cloth you can wipe,spray in the toilet or rinse them put the in the pail,then wash and reuse! Also you can play around with the fun prints.Now only can cloth wipes be used for baby. But you can also use them around the house, For wiping down things for cleaning,bath time anything.They can be constantly used!
For 6 cloth wipes they retail for $6.00
I really enjoyed working with simply cloth and hope to again in the future.
I give this company a (5***** out of 5***** Stars)
Purchase here:

Simply Cloth Put Together A Few Things To Giveaway
1 luck winner will Receive 1 pack cloth wipes and 2 pack of organic breast pads, And a $15.00 Gift certificate for converting your diapers into snaps.

Must be a GFC Follower.
Must like Simply Cloth on facebook and Thank her for Sponsoring Theyinspireme's Giveaway!!/simplycloth
Next Comment Below Your GFC name,Facebook name, and email. Along with why you want to win!!!

FTC: Everything was sent to me for free. I am not getting paid for this Review, Everything is my honest opinion.


  1. I followed the rules!
    FB Ashley Mamaoftwo

    I would love to win because this looks awesome! :)

  2. Awesome! I followed the rules :-)
    Gmail: Katie Young
    FB: Katie Gilliam Young

    Would love to win so I can try the reusable nursing pads, and I have some diapers in need of repair for my newbie! All the elastic is stretched out from ds1 chunky thighs (giggle)

  3. GFC follower name - ColleenM
    Facebook - Colleen Maurina

    colljerr at comcast dot net

    We use only cloth diapers so it would be great to use cloth wipes!

  4. I followed the rules!!
    GFC Sarah Heart
    FAcebook Sarah Heart

    I want to start using cloth wipes! :D So am trying to make me a stash, I am also currently nursing, I hate disposables, they are crinkly sounding everytime I move and some what uncomfortable!

  5. GFC-deltaflute
    Facebook Delta Flute

    My cloth wipes were originally bath wash clothes. Now several are missing and remaining are simply falling apart. It's my long winded way of saying I need some new cloth wipes.

    And snap conversion would be nice. I've got a few dipes that I might like converted.

  6. I would love to win this! We use cloth wipes, and could use some more!!!
    I followed the rules
    GFC AND FB SHannon Sasseville
    email sassevilleshannon at yahoo dot com

  7. I'd love to win because I'd like to try using cloth wipes so this would give me a chance to do so.
    I liked SimplyCloth on Facebook and thanked them for the giveaway.
    GFC follower and Facebook name Diane Zielinski.
    dia2157406 at maricopa dot edu