Monday, August 11, 2014

5 Tips on Potty Training!


Hello, So you think you little one is ready to be potty trained.
I am here to help! After potty training a girl and boy I found it quite easy once I got through the first child. Naomi was just 18 months when she first started showing signs that she was ready. Joel on the other hand waited until he was 2.5 years old, Everything listed below is my personal way of doing this. Other people may have other opinion's and mind you this is only 5 tips!!

1.) Does your little one bring you a diaper when their done doing their business in their diaper?? This is the first sign my children showed me!! If your child is bringing you their diaper they are ready!!!


2.)Training pants!!! No I don’t mean pull ups don’t waste your money or your time if your ready for the transition go for it!!!! Training pants are just like underwear but have a padded part in middle to help with accidents. When your child feels the leak this will help them realize its time!untitled (2)

3.) Take a timer and set it on 10 min. Every 10 minutes take your child to the bathroom they will get the hang of it and end up telling you to turn the light on for them!!untitled (3)

4.)This may sound crazy but it worked!!! Take some baby wash or ever baby powder sprinkle some in the toilet and tell them to pee or poo on the snow or bubbles!!! My kids were really into it!!!untitled (4)

5.) Last but not least! Throw all the diapers out and be strict on yourself! don’t give up! If there is no diapers around then you don’t need them!!! You can do this. By throwing the diapers out they wont see them so they wont want them!images2VGMSXZK

If you would like more tips on this or anything else, Comment below!!

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