Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 Things about a stay at home mom and wife!

Being a stay at home mom and wife?? I was recently on Facebook and was reading others thoughts on being a stay at home mom. So i figured why not talk to you all about this subject. Now i posted on Facebook what do others think about it. I had some people ask why is so hard getting adjusted to it? and its a break for them that their wife or husband is a stay at home parent. Now don't get me wrong the decision we made was 1. because our children need a stable foundation and someone to properly take care of them ( now I'm not saying daycares don't take care of them.) 2. because the cost is outrageous and again who knows how their being treated! Your not there and their probably to young to let you know whats going on. Now i had a 4 year old and a 2 year old soon to be bumping up in age since birthdays are right around the corner. I will say when i became a stay at home mom, My husband and I had a pact!! YES!! He went to work ill get up with the baby in all night and ..... all day! well it worked its self out because i love my children so much i didn't want to miss a thing. but my husband as being as awesome as he is always was apart of everything. from sending pictures to coming home to his sweet baby. Now with baby #2 it was the same thing but my husband was home more and would give me a break a lot! During the time of being a stay at home mom and still being one it can be a exhausting job. Thank god for having nursing is my past history or id have a heart attack each time the children hurt themselves or get sick. But if your at stay at mom, kick back and check out below because your a super hero, you are loved for everything that you do, and one day it will pay off 

Things that come with being a stay at home mom and wife!
#1 Cleaning- 
Okay lets get on this touchy first subject! I have a hate/love relationship with cleaning. But i love everything to be clean. and I'm sure you other parents know what i mean. I really cannot stand clutter and everything has a place. BUT with having children your house is never going to be fully clean! and if it is ehh. your probably bored! now another thing cleaning products how many of you get the all natural cleaner you know won't hurt your kids so they can help. I try to always involve them to clean because HEY they will have to do it one day! and put this one on repeat because its never over!!!

#2- Shopping-
Shopping has never been a bad subject to me, I love taking the kids in the store and browsing i know by the time we leave at least one will be tired and ready for a nap. Shopping for food is great you write a list and head to the store. and probably will forget the list and diaper bag. but you made it to the store! GO YOU! They pick out the things they want and you do not want to go home and cook. thats how it always goes. But its a fun experience that they can go and they get very excited. Now clothes,shoes and everything else. I would rather go alone for my boy and with my princess. She knows her size and can pick her own stuff if its mommy approved?? But again i have to call on my awesome husband. He is great at helping me pick things out and what can i say. Internet shopping has became my best friend?

Now if my husband is reading this, He knows how i feel about this. But may be confused after reading it. I love cooking i really do. But with having picky kids i kind of gave up!! I know tons of you have done what i did. type in google "easy family meals" ' easy kid lunches' and so on. I try to find the best things and try them when i feel up to it. at least the kids are fed!

#4- Making plans-
Now being a stay at home mom you are left with making sure all the kids are up to date with their regular check ups and when their sick. It can be tough or planning outings. My husband hates this subject because he claims I'm always making plans. Which is true!! But the kids love it and I'm getting a small break. Which is hard to get. (hey i barely get time to potty by myself)
so when they can play with their friends and their having a good time. I say go for it! But making plans and being the planner can be stressful if everything does not go as planned! You are the one to plan everything including family pictures!!! Another one is planning what your kids are going to wear tomorrow, sorry if i just made you think about that! Darn it!

#5 Doctor/Nurse-
This one is a tricky one! Every stay at home parent knows that if one kids gets sick soon everyone will be even us. and we will still be taking care of everyone else. EVEN our spouse! I feel like super mom when they get sick. more cuddles and their calm. even my husband. Even though i feel sorry for them and probably myself i enjoy being their mom and a wife. so lets talk booboos my kids are constantly hurting themselves and always having to have band-aids on hand and booboo cleaner. and don't forget the magical mom kisses that can heal almost anything!

Those were 5 stay at home mom things we do everyday! all day!!!!!! and its only 5 not to mention the other million things we do everyday sun up to sun down! Laundry,holiday shopping,therapist and much more. its not appreciated much but we do it and we do it for our family! if your a stay at home parent give yourself a pat on the back and if your their spouse give them a hug. and maybe a little time to sleeping in tomorrow. 


  1. There are so grammatical errors. If you want people to come to your blog and take you serious as blogger you really have to get that together.

  2. As a note, stay at home parents are not the only ones responsible for all of the things you list. When both parents work outside the home, all of those things still have to be done only with the added challenge of trying to do that plus spend time with your little one(s). There are only 24 hours in a day so how do choose? Do you live in a messy, cluttered house that is in serious need of some deep cleaning so that you can make family memories? Or do you take care of stuff around the house and miss time with your family? Also, your comment about the stay at home parent being responsible for making sure all well child appointments are taken care of and for taking care of sick kid(s) makes it seem as if you are saying households where both parents work outside the home don't deal with these issues. Who do you think makes appointments? Who do you think takes care of the children when they are sick? These still have to be done regardless of whether or not one parent is home all day. The difference is that work outside the home parents have to deal with grumpy bosses who don't appreciate that you have to keep taking time off of work to deal with these things. I fully acknowledge how hard it is to be a stay at home parent because I have been there. But please do not try to imply that parents that work outside the home suddenly have it easier