Wednesday, July 15, 2015

French Toast School Uniforms Review and Giveaway

Here in a couple of weeks Naomi will be attending a school with a dress code, We live in a pretty large city and a few stores have uniforms, However their uniforms are very basic with not many options to accessorize. When I found French Toast online; Their clothing was not only fashionable but very budget friendly.I reached out to them for this school guide and was surprised with the quality of their clothing. They were nice enough to send me four different pieces to try. All pieces were as described,the shipping of these products took 2 days to arrive at my home. Customer service was excellent and helped me with every question I had Below is a description of each piece we received. At the each please take part in a giveaway hosted by French Toast

(Also each piece has a variety of colors and sizes)
1.) Girls Dress Blazer:  I found this blazer would become a huge staple in my little girls uniform wardrobe, This piece is very classy and can dress up any look. This full fashion piece has a single breasted collar that is notched, three button sleeves and front flap pockets. A huge plus for this piece is that its machine washable. This piece really stood out to me, Because of the quality and versatility; This piece could be paired with some slacks or even over a dress (as shown in the pictured below)
This piece is priced at USD$ 27.98

2.)Canvas Safari Shirtdress: This dress can catch an eye,a mile away. With super soft and comfortable material; It sports authentic detailing and flowing easy shape of safari fashion. It has a self sash that is easy to assemble with full buttons down the front. You could dress this up with shorts or leggings underneath, this shirtdress also could be sported in all seasons, That makes this piece a permeant staple in our uniform closet. This piece is priced at USD$17.98

3.)Plaid Two-Tab Scooter: My favorite piece of all, A plaid scooter or skirt is a must have in every girls closet. It can be dressed up in many ways, It adds more color and the design allows the student to have a great look while offering the versatility of shorts. It also has two side buckles that adds style.The elastic back allows the child to have a better pull on ease. This scooter can make anyone feel more dressed up with a school dress code. This piece is priced at USD$15.98

4.)Puff-Sleeve Polo:  Last but not least, Every child needs polos for a school uniform piece. This polo allows them to be cute but also have a feminine piece. This puff sleeve has a double-buttoned that stands out and accessorizes itself. It adds a unique way to dress up any outfit in a split second. I feel this piece even adds a little more personality in the child wearing it as it gives a fashionable sense of direction. It's a piece that is a must have in a uniform closet. This piece is priced at USD$10.98

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: These products were sent to me in exchange for a review, These products were sent to me free of charge. I am not being paid for this review. This giveaway is hosted by French Toast. I am not responsible for the winner receiving their items.

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  1. Thanks for th chance at winning this giveaway. I know my kids use to go to a school where uniforms were required and we really liked their uniforms. Now, my nephew still needs to wear them so trying to win for him.
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