Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fuzzi Bunz One Size Cloth Diaper Review

Fuzzi Bunz is a online company that sells cloth diapers. I was sent a one size Pink Cloth diaper. With the diaper came 2 inserts. 1 for a small setting and 1 for a larger setting. The inside of the diaper is a fleece material. I found this diaper very fitting.  It was very easy to find the setting Naomi was on. It also came with  elastic bands to make it tighter or looser. I really enjoyed this product. When using this product with Naomi. I found it did not leak. It gave a very perfect fit. It was actually better than some of the other diapers, I have tried. Also with washing it washed very well. I found that the fleece was hard to get the poo color out.
If your interested in purchasing your
Fuzzi Bunz Please purchase here:http://fuzzibunzworld.com/onesifubu.html

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