Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get Mobi Dual Ear/Forehead Thermometer Review/Giveaway

Get Mobi is a company that sells many different things for children such as, Thermometers,Baby Monitors,Night lights and Headphones. These products are very high quality products.I was recently able to the Dual Scan Dual Ear or Forehead Thermometer, this thermometer was a very awesome product because it was very easy to use. It has a built in light you can use if its dark so you don't have to wake up your child along with a Voice reader for parents or people who are impaired and need to hear the results.Also I love the stand it comes with makes it very easy to get to. The only Thing I didn't like was it was kind of hard figuring it out and I still am not sure if i got it right. Although its a great product. For something like this I would like to open it up and have it work without setting it up. You can purchase this thermometer at Target,Amazon and Walmart.
And of course on their site This Thermometer Retails for $34.95 Purchase here:
  • Convenient Ear or Forehead Use

  • Temperature readings in 2 seconds

  • Mini LED flashlight for use in the dark. Won't disturb your sleeping invalid

  • Large back-lit readout screen

  • Talking Voice readout option

  • Stores last 20 measurements with date & time for comparison

  • Clock, Calendar, and room temperature feature

  • Table stand included

  • Interested In Winning Your Own?
    (2) Winners
    Must follow through GFC
    Must like their facebook and thank them for Theyinspireme's Giveaway
    Must Go to their site and let me know which other product you would like to try.
    Comment below, Your GFC name.Email,Facebook name. Why you want to win and what other product would you like to try.

    This product was sent to me for review, I am not getting paid and its my honest opinion


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    2. I follow with GFC name Shannon Sasseville
      Facebook Shannon Sasseville
      I likes Mobi on facebook
      Another product that I would like to try is the Glowmate Plus. I would love to win the Dual Thermometer because it would be awesome to be able to do a quick forehead scan and be done with it!

    3. i follow you on GFC
      i would love to win as i only have one of cheap digital thermometors and i am never really sure if it is accurate or not, this would solve that
      i went to their site and i love love the MobiCam Digital DL soo nice
      i commented on their facebook page STACEY DEMPSEY
      staceyx at telus dot net

    4. I'm following via GFC.

      hannah8217 (at) yahoo (dot) com

      I liked Mobi Technologies on FB.

      Hannah Rodriguez

      I want to win because I registered for one when I was pregnant, but didn't get one! I would also like to try a Wallmate!

    5. I did all the requirements :)
      Shaysmama23,, Rachel Malone
      I would love and try the Dual Thermometer, seems like a great thing to have around the house!

    6. I did all that you asked
      GFC: ELizabeth
      Other products: I would LOVE to try their MObiCam i actually might just buy one!

      I would like to win because from what you describe it seems like this is a very good themometer and i also have to hardest time taking my girls temp when they are sick because they move so much. SO thanks for this giveaway :)

    7. Natalie ShmigelskyOctober 12, 2011 at 9:51 PM

      I follow this blog via GFC - Natalie Shmigelsky. I like your facebook page and Mobi's and I thanked them for your review/giveaway.
      Would love to win b/c the thermometer I have doesn't work well :/ and love that this can take a forehead reading. Would also love the mobicam digital from their site! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

    8. I am a GFC follower/Yolanda Robinson. I like their fb page and thank them for your giveaway/Yolanda Robinson . I would love to have Mobi Cam from their site. I want to win because anyone who has children need a accurate way to check their temp. This seems like a great product.

    9. I have followed all of the requirements!! and my name is Naomi :)

      Here is my proof of my thanks>

      and i would like to try their duel thermomiter becuase i can never get an acuurate one with mine!!!

    10. i am a GFC follower: Melissa-WhatMommyWants
      Liked and thanked Mobi Technologies on FB! This is a really cool thermometer, I would like to try the GloMate Plus!
      FB name: Melissa Alexander

    11. I followed all the rules
      FM name Ashley Ludman bfp

      I would love to win, because with a toddler this would be amazing to have.