Monday, January 16, 2012

Flat Iron Experts Review

Flat Iron Experts is a online company that sells Beauty hot tools. They have thousands of different tools to choose from and all in great price ranges. They also sell hair products and accessories, I recently was sent 3 items from them. They quality of these items were wonderful. The customer service was great and helped when I needed it.Shipping took about 2-3 days and everything was put in the box neatly.

Babyliss Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Flat Iron / Hair Straightener (1-1/2" inch)
This is the first item I received. This Straightner is amazing.It worked awesome on my hair expesically with the protecting spray. It comes with many settings and gets hot really fast. I loved everything about seeing my hair can be quite frizzy.When I used this I found my hair was pin straight. I had no frizziness at all and it kept straight for a few days.
 I give this a ***** (5/5stars)
This straightener cost:
199.95 USD but is on sale on for
119.95 USD
Buy it HERE
Babyliss Ultra Thin Flat Iron
features a built-in ionic generator and recessed LED electronic temperature controls. This tool performs up to 40% faster than many straightening irons available today. Nano Titanium is an exception conductor of heat. It maintains stability in ultra-high temperatures and emits negative ions in their most beneficial form for faster straightening, locking in the hair's own natural moisture. The BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Straightener yields maximum far-infrared heat, penetrating the hair from within for gentle straightening without damaging your hair.

Used the Straightener on the right and left it the way it was on the left.

This heat protecting spray is the first one Ive ever used. I found it worked well but i like my hair to stay straight for a little while longer than a couple days. After using this spray i found my hair a tad bit oily than what I'm used to.
I give this a (3/5stars)
This cost 13.99 USD
Purchase HERE

KQC Thermal Shine Spray (142g)
is an ion enriched polishing complex formulated for superior heat protection and ultra gloss hair shine. Lightweight, non-greasy micro mist spray that eliminates frizz, softens and polishes hair without build up. Designed for all hair types. Use with flat iron, curling iron or hair dryers.

KQC Thermal Shine spray is great for all hair types. Whether your hair is normal, oily or dry, you can prevent infrared heat damage resulting in split-ends, frizz, and so forth. This is also a great way to help detangle your hair as the thermal shinespray allows for easy & smooth comb-throughs.
Directions:Spray on wet or dry hair. Style with a hair dryer or iron for brilliant, ultra-gloss shine.

Flat Iron Experts Iron Holder
This Iron holder is amazing It holds my irons great and the suction cups keep it held down.
This helps because of the Iron being so hot
I give this a (5/5stars)
This cost 14.99
You can purchase HERE
Flat Iron Experts Iron Holder
has suction cups to grip onto smooth glossy surfaces, such as a glass table for increased stability & safety.

These product were sent to me for review purposes.I was not paid and this is my honest opinion.

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