Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nutrisystem Journey #NSNATION

Lets get on the talk how wonderful Nurtisystem is!!!! My Beginning weight was 248.0 Today has been one week since I have started Nutrisystem and I weigh 241.6. I was so excited just to see I have lost weight.That's the total of 6.4 Pounds lost. I feel so much better already. So to talk about how my week went. When I first looked at the Water bottle you are supposed to fill daily and drink, I was like this will be no problem. Well You are supposed to drink two 32 ounce water bottles full! I drank it the first 2 days and felt pregnant all over, I was running to the bathroom every 5-8min. I then noticed I felt flooded and was getting migraines So I cut back to just 1, After that I was fine. The foods have been amazing Some are a bit too spicy for me But that's something I can work on. My plan works as I get a Nutrisystem breakfast in the morning with a Nutrisystem protein drink Which you can add more items if you like.My Favorite Breakfast is the chocolate chip scone it is so good. and the vanilla and chocolate protein shakes. Then you can have a Morning snack which is a power fuel. I usually go for cashews.There are many more you can choose from. Then for lunch you have a Nutrisystem lunch. My favorite is to have a steak and cheese melt and a salad. With cashews,Because you have to have another power fuel. Then You get a evening snack that's a smart carb and I usually eat apples,banana's or cantaloupe.Everything is logged and shows you how much to eat. At the end of the day you get Your dinner and a Desert. I found myself loving the chicken and dumplings and the ice cream sandwich's. At the beginning you will notice your not so full but after this week I feel amazing!!

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Everything was sent to me for free, I am not getting paid for this review, Everything stated is my own opinions.

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