Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nutrisystem Journey Week 2&3 #NSNATION

Hello Everyone! This is going to be my week 2-3 of my Nutrisystem journey. I have some bad news and good news. We will start with the good news. Since being on Nutrisystem I have lost about 3 inches off of my chest,thighs and tummy. The food is still wonderful and I have noticed what I like and don't like. I feel so good and energized, Its truly amazing. I have found so many things to coordinate to be healthy. I have started drinking Coconut water along with 0 calorie drinks. Also I have found myself going to the fat-free sections of the store. Now for the bad news. My scale batteries have finally gave out which I'm truly sad! Only because I am not sure how much I have lost, Last time I checked I was down to 237.5 Which is a total of 13.5 pounds lost. Although that was last week. So I'm sure Ive lost more. So that sums up the last 2 weeks Be looking out for a video post soon!

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