Monday, April 30, 2012

Juppy Baby Walker Review (CLOSED)

So as Joel is finally getting in the stages of becoming a big boy he loves do anything to make him feel independent. I was given the opportunity to test the Juppy Baby Walker out. Joel is really loving this. I know tons of parents out there get back pain from bending over trying to help their baby walk. Well that is all over now if you have a Juppy Baby Walker. The Juppy Baby Walker is a sturdy well designed walker made for parents to stand up and still help your baby feel independent but still able to walk. Lets think about it for a second. 21,000 injuries annually are related to baby walkers.
Walkers can cause children to:
1.) Roll down stairs, causing head injuries or death
2.) Get burned. Children can reach hot liquids.
3.) Drown. A child can roll into a pool.
With the Juppy you are in complete control where it goes,It's the safest baby walker on the market, It saves your back, Its affordable, And easy for travel. The Juppy Teaches your baby true balance as other walkers allows them to take breaks and drag their feet which does not give them correct posture.It minimizes injuries and accidents. Plus it's the only walker that can fit into a purse. For my own honest opinion I believe this is a great investment for any parent. And can be used for each child. as for other walkers they expire after a certain amount of time. Joel enjoyed being able to go places his big sister went without getting stuck from the big bulky walker. I truly love this product!!
A couple other features, The Juppy comes in a Variety of colors to choose from and you can personalize your Juppy. That is another plus. However I choose not to personalize mine because It may get passed down in the future. Please check out the videos on how to put your baby in the Juppy and Enjoy the Giveaway below!

Juppy Baby Walker Retails for $49.95 but is onsale for $29.95

Giveaway Time!!
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This product was sent to me for review, These are my honest opinions and im not getting paid!


  1. I follow on GFC as Alicia.
    Alicia Wright
    I'd like to try the Juppy with my baby girl!
    I think I'd like it in blue. :)

  2. I liked them on facebook with a thank you post. I follow you already under Jendalynnephotography :) and I would love to win the black one. We are sticking to gender neutral things until we become pregnant.

  3. angie kunst on GFC
    i liked and thnaked then on facebook
    i would love the black one thanks

  4. I like them and thanked them on FB (
    GFC Beth
    FB name: Beth Rees
    I would choose the black one. I would love to win because my little one will be walking soon and I am sure this would save my back a little plus give my little one more freedom!
    Thank you!!

  5. I did all the requirements. I follow under Britni email fb is britni davis. I would love the black one

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