Thursday, May 3, 2012

Freds Swim Academy Swim Trainer Review.

Summer is right around the corner. But in some places its already nice outside. Recently I was sent Freds Swim Academy Swim Trainer,This Trainer has been amazing to us. It came very quickly and we was ready to use it. Most of you know Joel is getting big and is ready to interact with everything. I choose the smallest one which was the Red one for weight (13-40lbs). When opening the swim trainer from the box it had places where it had to be blown up. It was very easy to blow up although the air kept wanting to release before I could plug it. Another great feature for the trainer is it was buckles to help secure your child.  Joel really enjoyed swimming in this.This Retails for
$24.90 On

The adjustable belt and 5 air chambers help prevent slip through. The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is made of PVC and is phthalate free. It is not to be used for jumping into water or in shallow water. Constant supervision is required. Stay within arms reach when your baby is using the SWIMTRAINER "Classic."

Specially designed swimming aids are introduced according to the child's age and learning ability (red, orange, yellow). The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is used with babies to support their early development. Later, training technique should be applied for the child to achieve a perfect swimming style. SWIMTRAINER "Classic" offers children:

•Ideal swimming position in the water

•Fast and easy to put on with clip fastener

•Inflatable pads to prevent slipping through

•Adjustable safety belt to prevent tipping forwards


•Approximately 13-40 lbs

•Helps a little one get comfortable in the water

•Helps teach correct leg movements

SWIMTRAINER "Classic" Orange

•Approximately 33-65 lbs

•Helps teach correct arm and leg movements

SWIMTRAINER "Classic" Yellow

•Approximately 45-80 lbs

•Helps transition a child to swimming without any floatation device

This product was sent to me for free, In return a honest Review. Thanks everything is my honest opinion.


  1. please........DinkleDooz Chocolate!just thanked them on fb for ur giveaway

  2. Hey there! Do you know if this is a coast guard approved device? At the pool we go to we can only use them if they are. I am curious about that before I buy one! Thanks!