Saturday, May 19, 2012

Joel Is 6 Months!!!

My Baby boy turned 6 months on the 17th! It is amazing how much time flys, He is about ready to crawl everywhere but for now he gets around backwards or just army crawling. He is officially eating Homemade baby food and loving it, He has learned to kick water out of his bathtub onto mommy and thinks its so funny. He is the happiest baby and just loves to be cuddled with. He now knows that if he wakes up in the morning he can snuggle with mommy and sister in the bed until we are all ready to get up and start the day. This consist of tickling toes,rubbing noses and giving butterfly kisses. He is such a Morning person. As soon as he wakes up he is full of smiles. He also arch's his back when wanting to be held. I could not ask for a better son, I love him so much!! At the doctors he was 22 pounds and 27 inches long. The doctor described him as a strong handsome man, Cloth diapering for him is we found Velcro works alot better than snaps,But snaps has a huge advantage on staying put. Naomi is super happy to have him to play with and just loves him so much. She will sing to him almost every night. Joel also loves his massages after bath time which consist of 30min of a full body massage. Hey I would love that too. OH! when food is cooking Joel can be in a deep sleep then just wakes right up! Another great thing happened, Over 100 ounces of breast milk was donated to Joel since I can no longer breast feed. Its great to have such wonderful friends!!! Well hope you all enjoyed this monthly Update on my handsome son!

Love" Mommy!

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