Friday, May 4, 2012

Kiss My Fluff Review/CLOSED

With every parent pondering which cloth diaper is best for their children,They try to look for the cheapest and still want the diapers High quality. As all cloth diapering parents know is most companies don't give many selections, Such are which fabric to choose from,Snaps or Velcro, Micro Fleece,Suede or crushed panne (velvet...amazing) and wicking jersey lining. Well I was given the opportunity to customize my own diaper for a Review. Kiss My Fluff is a cloth diapering business on Hyena cart. The owner of kiss my fluff came up with this business from Toying around with The thought of making her own diapers and wanted something more fun then just plain colored diapers.In December of 2011 she bought her
first owned sewing machine.She played around with patterns and started making diapers after a while her boys had enough diapers, So friends Asked her to make them some. There is was she found something she loved doing. Kiss My Fluff cloth diapers.What she thought would be a few orders turned into a wonderful fan base and loyal customers.She was so happy with success,With building something she loved doing it has shown her primary focus in her kids, Its something she can do for herself.Even though the babies were wearing the diapers. The parents adored them! The name Kiss My Fluff came Jokingly from the term "Kiss My Butt" But turned into something more friendly to Kiss My Fluff.Kiss My Fluff has good selection for parents to chose from. She uses the combinations of Minky,cotton,organic cotton, and cotton flannel prints on the outer shell Hidden PUL on the inside to keep the diaper waterproof and Microfleece, Suede or crushed panne  and wicking jersey lining. She as a honest owner recommends Suede or crushed panne and wicking jersey lining, As microfleece although is soft only often works for larger babies and toddlers.The diapers are OS & XL.
The OS fits 13-30 pounds and the XL version fits about 18-35+. Inserts can be purchased separately. Starting June 1st,She will have a "Stocking Event".This will be when she releases about 20+ diapers she has made in the past month for immediate ship.On the first along with stocking she will open 5-7 custom slots. This means that's the time to build your own diaper. and you can choose the lining,print,closure,etc.During the last week-long Event running from the 1st to the 7th of each month,There will be some sort of sale. It will change every month. Free shipping, buy two get one free.Then mid-month she will usually trow in another sale to clear the store of in stock items for prepertaion for the next months listing.
The price range of these diapers are from $16.00-17.50 And Inserts are $2.50
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  1. I am following you via my email :D So I rather not publish it, fb name is sarah heart, I would love to win b/c I just started cloth diapering, so it's nice to try diapers before you actually buy them and I only have a few so I want to expand my 'stash'!

  2. I follow your blog through email. Fb name is Charlotte Robinson. I'd love to win one of Kiss My Fluff's diapers because they sound great! And I am new to CDing and only have two so far.

  3. Wow the baby looking so pretty. I have never used cloth diapers but I would like to with our next child. Everything is excellent in this post. I like this diaper.

  4. I followed the rules! I would love to win this! I LOVE FLUFF! There are so many cute things to choose!!!
    FB and GFC Shannon Sasseville
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!!

  5. like to try
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  6. I did all the requirements :D I love this Im just starting my stash and I need more CD's :D
    thanks my name is Johana Gerardo

  7. I did all the requirements fb name is britni davis email is I would like to win because I started my son a few months ago in cloth diapers and he broke out so we are trying to get different ones to try out for him to figure out what is best he is now 6months and I am also expecting baby #3 I need more diapers

  8. email-

    I want to win because I'm addicted to cloth diapers :)