Friday, May 25, 2012

Lil Melon Knee Pads Review/Giveaway(CLOSED)

Joel is beginning to do the scoot on the floor, But he is using his knees more and more each time. I was dreading how his little knee caps were feeling after that time on the floor. Well, Lil Melon came into our lives at a perfect time! Lil Melon is a company that sells Knee pads and Cloth wipes. They was kind enough to send over 2 pairs for me to try out. However, The first pair that I received was the Robot print and it was in the infant sizing. With Joel being so chunky they would not fit without him being uncomfortable. I contacted them right away, They replied and was kind enough to send the toddler size for Joel in the Boat print. These knee pads have just the right amount of cushion to support your infant/child's knee caps, They have silicone tracking to prevent slipping and the back is stretchy and has ventilation. When using these knee pads I find that Joel moves around alot quicker, I suppose he is feeling like he is on clouds. There are so many different prints to choose from and you can buy them in lots. The shipping only took a few days which was really nice. The communication with the company was outstanding they replied very fast and assisted all of my needs very quickly. Now on to my opinion on both pair of knee pads! If your interested They are $14.95$ each or $27.50 for 2 sets.
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This is the Robot knee pads. I was sent these in the smallest size. Which is small and its supposed to fit from (9-16months) However. Joel just turned 6 months and does not fit these what so ever.With the constant rolls on his legs they was not going to cut it. They are very cute. I'm sure if a thin baby or not so chunky in the leg area these would fit perfect. There is nothing really bad to say about these other than they did not fit. Everything else was awesome. The texture,Quality,Padding and how it was put together is great! I would recommend these for a smaller baby and you can purchase them here:

These are the Sail Boat knee pads. This is the larger set, But you can purchase them in the smaller set. I really liked these. Joel was everywhere once he got into them. With the traction he was able to support his self alot better on our wooden floors, The print is the cutest and fits with tons of boys clothing since it is neutral colors. I also found these also work underneath his pants, This is great is your going somewhere and baby wants to get down and they don't have to hurt their little knees.
I highly recommend these for any child: Purchase here:

Lil' Melon baby knee pads are made with soft, stretchable cotton fabric that moves with your baby. It’s lightweight so it allows air ventilation, keeping their knees cool and preventing discomfort.

Most importantly, they keep your baby's sensitive knees from bruising and scraping as they crawl and toddle around indoors and outdoors.

The thick light weight padding maintains optimum cushioning while your baby explores their new world when learning to crawl. When they start toddling around, the cushioning prevents cuts and scrapes that can occur from falling and tripping.

Knee pads are available with or without silicone traction.
Custom logo or design available for wholesalers!
Measurements: 5" tall by 2 5/8" wide. They're stretchy enough to fit bigger legs, but still small enough to fit snugly on more petite legs. Can fit toddlers up to 14months old depending on size and weight.

Washing Instructions: Very easy. You can spot wash them or throw them in the washing machine with your laundry, hang dry and you're done!

Learning their way around a big, new world can be a scary thing. Help keep your baby safe and comfortable while they explore with Lil' Melon baby knee pads!

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These were sent to me for review. I am not getting paid and its my honest opinion.


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  1. I would want the baby monkey knee pads , they are adorable!! My FB name is Ashley Mamaoftwo, email I would love to win because we have hard wood floors, so when my baby wants to crawl in a few months these would be perfect for him. ;)