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Sara & Geoffrey Donate Clothes Book ReviewCLOSED

Trying to teach your kids giving back is not always the easiest thing to do, With a little help from a book. Sara and Geoffrey will help teach your kids that giving can be fun and rewarding. When Being asked to do this review, I jumped on it because Naomi loves her books. She is just not having fun with the book she is learning that most little things makes a huge difference. This made Naomi really want to get out and do things. We have always taught her to give her clothes and toys to children that are not so fortunate. However this kind of gave this push because she seen it happening in her imagination with 2 other children in the book. This book is about Two children who are always on a adventure, They cant wait to do things are that are fun and importantly-spacial. They come up with simple ideas that they can do to make a difference to the world. Even though they are young children, They can still make a huge impact and put and smile on not only our faces but also the faces they have helped along the way. This is also a great way to interact with your children. Join them and help save the world! This is a amazing book. It would be great for a gift or for your children's book collection!

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The Adventure

Sara & Geoffrey - “Donate Clothes”is the first edition of Sara & Geoffrey. It is their foray into helping others. Sara & Geoffrey meet kids around the world and learn that some kids are less fortunate and need clothes. Sara & Geoffrey immediately come to the rescue as they rally friends and family to help gather used clothes and donate them to others.

The Mission

Sara & Geoffrey is dedicated to teach kids and to remind adults that giving back is always fun and rewarding. Part of the proceeds will be donated to charities that help save the world.

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  1. I would love to win this book because it would really help show my children the importance of giving!
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    This book might get me to clean out the closets which would benefit not only us by having more room but others as well.

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