Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Smoobee Hair Brush Review/Giveaway(CLOSED)

 Recently I was sent a Smoobee hair brush to try. With Naomi having long curly hair, Sometimes its hard to tame and most of the time she throws a fit! I was thinking to myself this brush is not going to work for her because she is such a cry baby. I was wrong! This brush dose us so much justice, It really works. Naomi did not cry once I was doing her hair and She loved to decorate it with the rhinestones. This brush makes your child's hair smooth and Its and no cry system. It will glide right through their hair leaving them cry less and a great outcome. When receiving this brush it took a couple days for it to ship directly to me. The company was very commutative, They were very quick to respond to all of my questions and concerns. This product retails for. $16.99 but is on sale for $14.99!!! Get yours today here
I give this company a (5 out of 5STARS!!!!

Interested In Winning Your Own?

Must be a GFC Follower.
Must go to their Facebook, Thank they for sponsoring Theyinspireme's Giveaway!
Comment below, Your facebook name, GFC name and email, Along with what color brush would you want and why you want to win!!!

This product was sent to me for Review,This is my honest opinion and im not getting paid!


  1. Rachel Malone
    I would love the pink brush for Shay :)

  2. Oops, Facebook name is Rachel ShaysMama

  3. Carrie Webb
    mamac1020 at gmail dot com

    I would like the purple brush for my daughter because her hair is getting so long at 19 months, and it's always getting tangled! I had long hair growing up, and playing outside a lot, it was a pain to brush it out with a regular brush!

  4. GFC follower name - ColleenM
    Facebook - Colleen Maurina
    Like Smoobee on Facebook and thanked them.
    I would choose the purple brush.

    colljerr at comcast dot net

  5. I'm a GFC follower:
    Diane Zielinski
    dia2157406 at maricopa dot edu
    I thanked them for the giveaway (and liked them), same name.
    I'd choose the turquoise brush for my daughter because her hair is all over the place when she first wakes up. greenhollytwig at yahoo dot com (preferred email)

  6. Following on GFC as jemima puddleduck. Liked and left the Facebook comment (jemima puddleduck. Email is ispitonjunkmail at gmail dot com. Purple for the brush!

  7. omg lovely post.i am loving your blog.just great posts.i am your new follower.follow me back

  8. My niece has curly hair and hate to have it brushed. I really love that it is sturdy, made of wood and ceramic, so it can really hold up well.