Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy 7 Months Joel!!!

On the 17th of June Joel turned 7 months!!!! I know I say this every time but time is flying! He has learned so much. When he was 6 months 2 days he was sitting up full time and doing the army scoot. and still didn't have any teeth. Well he still don't have any teeth but he is CRAWLING!!! For some reason I just noticed his legs were moving with his arms and I had a mini celebration in my heart to know my baby boy is growing up. He is also pulling himself up on things and it just amazes me. Joel is currently having a bottle about 3 times a day and eating baby food that I have made about 3 times. and sometimes he will get a  baby food pouch as a snack. We are still full time cloth diapering and loving it!  Life with him is a blessing for sure. He is one of the greatest babies ever. As all of my children were.Another great thing is Joel had his first hair cut when he was 6 months and 12 days. This hair was so long and I couldn't do anything with it. But now he is alot more cooler. So this month was very short but I hope you all enjoyed this small update! Also Joel's had his first time in the pool and really loved it!!!

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