Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy 8 months Joel!

Joel turned 8 months on July 17th. He is a happy healthy little boy. He finally got 2 teeth on the bottom and believe me it was a struggle. He has the worst time, Not even a amber necklace would work for him. I broke down and decided to buy Hyland's teething tablets and they worked wonders. He is starting to really slim down alot since he has been crawling and pulling himself up on everything. He is now eating tons of baby food and we are still growing strong with cloth diapering. He is also picking up on things that he has learned from Naomi,Such as trying to get away when i yelle for him. I say JOEEELLL and we hear him take off crawling really fast ha ha! We also went to visit our family in V.A which is about 6-7 hours away and he did not like the car ride. It was terrible but once we got there he loved all of the attention he got from family. I also cloth diapered while being up there for 2 weeks and having to use a laundry mat and not be on my regular schedule. I really did not like it but being dedicated to cloth diapering really brought me to I had to do it! OH! And while we was up there the huge storm that took over most of Virginia came right over us. The winds were so bad and the power was out for a couple of days!! Nothing like not knowing what was going on trying to keep your babies safe. So back to Joel. He is the most perfect little boy! I love him so much!!!

Love" Momma!

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