Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Redneck Rugs Doy Toy Review

Redneck Rugs is a business that makes any pet lovers life easier, Or your life in general. They were kind enough to send over (2) of their redneck rugs for our furr babies, A redneck rug is kind of like a frisby however made out of fabric, To me it is great because it is not as rough on the animals teeth. Apollo and Delta have loved these toys. And are so active to even try and get pictures of them playing with their rugs. But not only that these rugs are multi-use. You could use these to move furniture,flower pot holder,jewelry holder and much more. I have also noticed after buying so many toys for our pups, That these hold up the best! All the other toys don't make it past a couple weeks. and these have made it for a couple months. I took about 2 months to try this product before giving my opinion. They have been outside, Inside and handles with out human children! they have been put to the test and i give this product a A+ and will be sharing in the animal committee,

Disclaimer: This product(s) was sent to be for review purposes, I was not paid to do this review

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