Wednesday, July 1, 2015

School Will Start Soon, Are You Ready??

With School time approaching, I have noticed the list is never ending of things we have to get to prepare our children. I mean after all our whole schedule is about to change. Going to bed earlier,Waking up sooner and preparing a ton the night before. This is my little girls first year after preparing to home school for the longest time, It came to us. That it would be best to let her go to a school of our choosing. So with that being said lets get back to the list we are all dreading. When i first received this list, I had to reach out to a friend to help. I was lost!!! They narrow it down to some things it feels impossible to find. But I have found some easy ways with working with companies to make things easier. So the next couple of months. Prepare yourself for a look book on how to make your life easier when getting ready for this school year!

this blog is my honest opinion, I was not paid for this post.

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