Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Story.

Back in march we decided is was time to move to the country side. Where we would take our family and our family dog Apollo. Apollo was a Great Pyrenees and was the most loved dog we've ever welcomed to our family. After a few weeks in the country Apollo ran away on a stormy night. The findings of him were unreal and devastating. A few weeks before this we welcomed Zelda a doberman into our family, As a friend for Apollo. She was the light at the end of our tunnel knowing he would have a friend for when we would go to the store or a playmate to know how to play. After him leaving us. She was all alone, a short time after we welcomed Leo a lab. he was from a No Kill shelter locally. My husband wanted him right away and he is a stubborn one. But is Zeldas little baby! About 3 weeks after him. We found Xena. she is the grate dane but believes she's a smaller dog considering her personality. Our pack has reached its point to where they are a bonded trio. I am so in love with our fur children. And thankfully they know where home is. Our children have protectors and our home is better than adt security as our dogs hold down the area while we are gone. But to find balance and to inquire such love and cherishment they have for our family and what we have for them in return. This is why I blog about pet and family products.

This blog post is no sponsored, all written are my own thoughts.

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