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Being a pet owner means there is a lot of times where we feel we are failing our pets, In truth we are not. This once happen to me when my Doberman was having a hard time with a few things, Losing hair, Cracking bones. I really thought something was seriously wrong until I took her to the vet and no one really had a answer. I did some research and found Nupro. I contacted them and within a few days we were working together on finding the perfect fit for our girl. I started reading about this company and noticed they have been providing animals with such good care for 25 years!!! Also how  they specially design each product  to condition your pet. 
I was sent 2 different supplement containers listed below and my opinions on both.
 First up is the Joint & Immunity support. This one worked wonders on our girl. With having cracky bones and joints. She would cry from hip pain and was also loosing hair. I would simply mix this in her food with a dab of water to make it somewhat a gravy. She could literally smell the aroma as I was mixing this into her food. She really enjoyed how it tasted as well. After just a few short weeks our girl was playing like a puppy again! This was one of the best decisions any dog mom could have made. This product starts at $10.00 USD You can purchase here.

What they say about this product!
NUPRO® Joint & Immunity Support Dog Health Supplement adds Glucosamine Complex, MSM, and Ester-C® to enrich our Original "Gold" Formula, especially for the Active and/or Senior animal.  Your dog now has the benefit of a scientifically balanced combination of select ingredients specifically formulated to support normal joint structure, function and flexibility as well as promote optimal overall health and well-being.  

Joint & Immunity Support helps to maintain the health and resiliency of joints, muscles and connective tissues, and to ease discomfort associated with normal daily exercise and active lifestyles.
NUPRO® Joint & Immunity Support is not just for Senior Dogs or those who may have joint issues!  Active athletes (agility dogs, surfing dogs, dock-diving dogs, weight pulling dogs), show dogs, working dogs (police, arson, search and rescue K-9s), sled dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, AND large breed dogs, as well, will benefit from the addition of Glucosamine to their daily regimen.  
NUPRO® Joint & Immunity Support's combination of   raw, unprocessed ingredients with the added extras makes for a superior product from which ALL adult dogs will reap the rewards! 

Glucosamine Complex  (800 mg. per 1 oz. scoop) 
Our own special blend of Glucosamine (500 mg) and Chondroitin (300 mg) is an easily absorbed natural substance that stimulates the production of proteoglycans.  These molecules play a major role in the maintenance and resiliency of healthy connective tissues and the restoration of damaged cartilage cells.  Glucosamine Complex also helps to promote production of synovial fluid - a necessity for the proper lubrication and comfort of joints.

MSM  (300 mg. per 1 oz. scoop) 
A natural source of bioavailable sulfur, essential to support growth and maintenance of healthy tendons, cartilage and other connective tissues.  
MSM helps to maintain healthy fluid pressure of soft tissues.

*Ester-C® Chelated Mineral Blend  (300 mg. per 1 oz. scoop) 
Developed by veterinarians to provide dogs with extra Vitamin C to support a strong immune system and healthy joints by boosting absorption of Glucosamine Complex & MSM and promoting collagen formation.

NUPRO® Joint & Immunity Support also contains Norwegian kelp, organic cold-milled  whole 
ground flaxseed, nutritional yeast cultures, desiccated liver, amino acids and enzymes, garlic, calcium citrate, lecithin and Lactobacillus acidophilus.  Please see the "dog formula" page for more detailed info on these ingredients.
NUPRO®  formulas are made using only fresh, premium quality ingredients.  

 products contain no wheat, corn, fillers, grains, artificial sugars or preservatives, glutens or by-products of any kind.

The second product is for all around being healthy. This product really helped out delta in so many ways. As you can tell he is still a pup or at least thinks he is. He is very active and has a high energy level. Using the All Natural Dog supplement has helped him in more ways then one. When running around delta would lose energy quick and just tire out. Nupro really kicked in and helped get him all the supplements he needed. This product starts off at $10.00USD You can purchase yours here.

What they say:
NUPRO®All Natural Dog Supplement was researched and developed by a doctor of nutrition, using fresh, premium quality health food ingredients.  A totally holistic product, it will provide your dog with the full range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and essential omega fatty acids - All in their Natural Raw Forms that he/she does not get from processed foods.  In other words, what we are doing is replacing with natural ingredients what a dog would normally have gotten in the wild.       An excellent All-In-One daily supplement for all breeds and all ages - Puppies to Seniors. 

NUPRO®All Natural Dog Supplement  has no wheat, corn, fillers, grains, artificial sugars or preservatives, glutens or by-products of any kind. 
Our Premium Formula  
Desiccated Liver - The ultimate in palatability!  The fresh, natural flavor of real liver is wonderful for the finicky eater!   Supplies iron and B vitamins.  Just add water to make a Grrreat Gravy that Dogs Crave!  

Norwegian Kelp - A natural seaweed - a rich source of trace minerals including iodine, necessary for proper glandular function and metabolism.  An excellent source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and E.  Aside from nourishing the glands, these vitamins are beneficial for maintaining overall good health and are vital to sustain the proper growth of bones, a healthy heart rate, a sound central nervous system, and the assurance that muscles stay firm and strong.  Norwegian kelp grows deep in the ocean, mostly in cold waters, so it contains the purest of valuable nutrients from the ocean floor.  Supports healthy skin pigmentation and coat highlights.

Amino Acids & Enzymes - A wide array of naturally available Amino Acids and Enzymes helps the body to maintain healthy hormonal balances and to fortify a resilient Immune System.  Offers support for pets with seasonal allergies. 

Nutritional Yeast Cultures - Support the maintenance of healthy skin and a full, luxurious hair coat which may minimize the occurrence of excessive shedding and dry skin.  Provide proteins, zinc and biotin.  Best source of B vitamins.  Most companies use cheaper brewers yeast which can be a combination of hops, corn, grains, wheat, etc.; all by-products from the brewery.  Many animals have grain sensitivities, and brewers yeast may further aggravate an allergy condition in certain animals.  With nutritional yeast cultures, grown and harvested from a veggie source, NO grains are present at all.  Something to think about when reading ingredient labels.

Flaxseed - Provides essential omega fatty acids.  Most absorbable vegetable fatty acid for the canine.  Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, alpha-Linolenic acid, fiber and lignans.  Helps maintain healthy, shiny fur and soft skin. 

Lecithin - A  rich source of choline, utilized by the body in the production of acetyl-choline, a neurotransmitter essential for normal, healthy nerve and brain function.  Supports healthy liver function.

Garlic - Awesome ingredient that does so much for the body!  Garlic contains allicin, a powerful antioxidant, helpful in supporting healthy immune and cardiovascular systems.

Calcium Citrate - Calcium is best absorbed in an acidic environment, hence calcium citrate is the best absorbed supplemental form of calcium - it does not require extra stomach acid for absorption.  Intended to provide nutritive support for healthy bones, teeth and nerve function.
Lactobacillus Acidophilus - Promotes friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract thereby encouraging efficient digestion which may reduce the occurrence of flatulence.  
NUPRO®All Natural Dog Supplement  is formulated as a powder, and is not a concentrate, which allows it to be easily assimilated into your dog's system and digested with your dog's food.  There is no sense in giving an animal this superior product if they do not digest it properly.  

Whether you use commercial dog foods, home-cook for your animals, or feed the B.A.R.F. diets, NUPRO®All Natural Dog Supplementsshould be a fundamental part of your pet's daily nutritional program.

(*Disclaimer all products mentioned in this blog post were sent for free, I was not paid to post this review, Everything stated on this post except what they say is written soley by myself)

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