Thursday, January 21, 2016

Q & A


I wanted to reach out to all of you because many of you had questions.
Mainly companies. So I figured why not answer the TOP 5!!! So lets get this started.

Q.) Why do you only blog every 3 months??
A.) Because this gives me times to really use the products that I'm sent. This also gives me time to really learn about the companies i work with. How many bloggers really know their companies they review for?? I know I really like to get to know the company and their products.

Q.)How can you be so open to your subscribers?
A.) Over the years I have gotten to know a lot of you. Meaning I share a depth detail about my life. But there are always things I do keep personal.

Q.)What is your secret subscribe list?
A.) My secret subscribe list, Is not really a secret. Its most one on one with me. Meaning you can reach out to me about anything. And i will most certainly reply when i am able. Or if you have a question about a product i reviewed and i didn't cover something you had a question on. You know i will honestly tell you about it.

Q.)How does Brandy play into your reviews?
A.) Brandy is my assistant. She even has her own blog and does her own reviews. However she is always there when i need her. If i am not able to attend a meeting or have a post up in time. She is my right hand man! Check her blog out on the right hand side. BPZplusME

Q.) How Many companies do you review for within the 3 months?
A.) There is no real answer to this, As I'm always getting products sent to me. But the basic ones i do tend to are the ones that will debut during that 3 month time. It takes me generally 2 months to get all the post up. And there are some great ones on the way!!

So I hope all of you enjoyed reading these questions and answers. If you have a question feel free to email be at

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