Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pig Ears For Dogs???

It seems to be the Next big thing, Or has it been a thing the whole time. It seems now pet parents are really opening their eyes and finally feeding and giving their dogs whats really healthy for them. Many people feel feeding your pet raw would potentially hurt them, However this is not the case at all. If done correctly your animal would actually be healthier. As studies show that most animals who are raw fed < Or some type of raw feeding actually have less health problems.

Which brings me back to this amazing product. Raw Paws Pet Food is a company that offers varieties of raw feeding. From food all the way to treats. I was excited to get my hands on the pig ears and another product in which will be presented later. My dogs have always loved their treat, But have never had pig ears!!! These things didn't last long in our house hold. I received the 4 Pack whole (dehydrated) pack.

What can your dog benefit from pig ears?
Heart,Eyes,Organs,Weight Control, Joints,Oral Health,Digestion and Skin & Coat
 I would suggest all of you look and see what your pet benefits from the treats you feed?

My number one question was is this okay for our dogs, And the answer is yes.  These pig ears are 100% natural, Durable, Grain free and Premium which cut.They are also USDA Inspected and USA Raised. It is important to know they use no fillers and no additives.

Lets talk Price:

For a 4 Pack of pig ears
Cost 23.99USD
Would I Purchase? YES!!! With knowing all the benefits I would certainly purchase.

Disclaimer(This product was sent to me in exchange for a honest review. I did not endorse any pay from this review)(All statements are of my own.)

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